Little Lake Health Centre

Now welcoming Physicians and Specialists!

Exceptional care vs. Work/life balance vs. Successful business

Why should you have to choose?

For your Practice

Fully supported, turn-key group medical solution
  • Highly skilled support staff
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Clinic Operations, HR and Maintanence
  • Ability to specialize
  • Assistance with locum placements
  • Working as part of a team brings shared responsibility, improved work-life balance and wellbeing, and creates a great environment
  • Little Lake Health Centre houses a wide range of professionals and allied health services
  • Optimized workflow, prioritizing your time for what matters most
  • EMR, IT, HR, payroll services provided

For your Patients

A Seamless Experience
  • We help you to provide seamless patient service and experience, from making appointments, to returning patient calls, intakes and referrals
  • On-site amenities include:
    • Pharmacy
    • Physical therapy
    • Radiology
    • Eye care
    • Rheumatology
    • Cannabinoid Medical Clinic
    • Life Labs, and more

For your Business

Financial Advantages
  • No start-up costs
  • Collaboration within a medical community
  • Hassle free support so you can spend your time focused on practicing medicine
  • Full assistance and support with roster management
  • We provide extra service and support in the areas of:
    • Management of billing process
    • Ensure schedule is filled and clinic days are optimized
    • Marketing to the community

For You

Work-Life Balance
  • Flexibility: full-time or part-time
  • Environment provides scheduling convenience
  • Conveniently close to all amenities
  • New, spacious, clean facility
  • Freedom from managing details of running a practice
  • SE Health’s extensive resources and managed service infrastructure is here to support you in creating a vibrant family practice
  • More time for life outside your practice!

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